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Emergencies – Is Your Child Predictably Unpredictable?

Every day non-threatening environments such as a grocery store or mall, can be highly stressful and disruptive to a child with sensory issues. But for most of these places, we know the environment, we know the coping mechanisms we will use to help our child navigate and if a melt down occurs, we know how to …

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Memoir Entry #1: Early Signs of “Not Normal”

Sophia was my third child. I was an experienced mother. I knew what normal was and I knew a red flag when I saw it. Total meltdowns in public places, always wanting her clothes off, hiding under my end tables, crying because the wind hurt her face, screaming in terror at moving things like grocery …

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Sensory Fashion. Big Headphones are Cool!

When I was in high school I can remember seeing “special” kids in our assemblies with big brown headphones on that looked as if they came from the reading room. I didn’t understand what they were for until I had my own little sensory cutie. Headphones can be a huge help in reducing noise and …

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Take Time to Stop and Smell the Soap!

Most of my early years with Sophia I spent avoiding public places because my goal was to avoid too much sensory input. Over time I learned that I needed to do just the opposite. I needed to help her engage in these senses. The key was to take enough time to do it. If I …

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Sophia and Truman – A Whole New Social Life!

In the last two week ends, I have taken Sophia to a movie, hosted a baby shower at my house and taken her to Chuck E. Cheese. This seems surreal. There is an interesting thing that happens when you get your service dog. Before getting the service dog, we very rarely took Sophia into public …

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Review: Indoor Rainy Day Portable Swing

Sophia first visits with an Occupational Therapist were done in our own home. She was only about 20 months old. One day, the OT arrived with the coolest tool we have yet to help Sophia calm and regulate herself. It is called the Indoor Rainy Day Playground. First of all, I didn’t realize until she …

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Day 3 – Service Dog Training

Each day seems to get better and better. I don’t think Sophia agrees as she is getting very tired of this new routine. This organization is absolutely great and the trainers and dogs are wonderful but the stress of this schedule and lack of coping mechanisms for our autistic kids is already overwhelming. All of …

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Autism Service Dogs – New member of the Olson family!

Over a year ago, in the summer of 2009, I found something on the web about Autism service dogs. It was an interesting idea for me because it was therapeutic yet natural, a dog of all things! There were several organizations including Pause with a Cause that provided service dogs, but I only found one …

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Activity: Summer Chores

It is important to teach life skills to our children, but Autistic children and children with Sensory Integration Disorder will need a bit more direction. You can also turn the chores into opportunities to work with them on fine and gross motor skills as well as sensory therapy.

Consider picking a few chores that can be incorporated everyday. Other things such as the “sweeping square” or “painting the fence” are good to use when you are trying to keep them busy while you are working on something in the yard or having coffee with a friend.

The Sweeping Square:

Use blue painter’s masking tape to mark off a large square on your patio or kitchen floor.

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