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Activity: Summer Chores

It is important to teach life skills to our children, but Autistic children and children with Sensory Integration Disorder will need a bit more direction. You can also turn the chores into opportunities to work with them on fine and gross motor skills as well as sensory therapy.

Consider picking a few chores that can be incorporated everyday. Other things such as the “sweeping square” or “painting the fence” are good to use when you are trying to keep them busy while you are working on something in the yard or having coffee with a friend.

The Sweeping Square:

Use blue painter’s masking tape to mark off a large square on your patio or kitchen floor.


Activity: Sensory Walk

When I first would take my daughter on walks, I would hurry. I wanted to get it over as soon as possible, before she had a melt down two blocks away and I had to carry her home, kicking and screaming, leaving a bike or wagon to be picked up later. I would often become …

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